XR Song Carriers songs

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/KSdfplrJreg

The XR Song Carriers have picked 6 songs for the October Rebellion.

The Song Carriers are a decentralised choir. If you learn the songs, you’re encouraged to make and wear a white sash with the words ‘XR Song Carrier’. When you come across others wearing sashes, you become a choir 🎶

Lift Up Your Voices

Listen here

Lift up your voices, lift up your voices, lift up your voices
And sing for Life
Lift up, oh lift up, oh lift up, lift up your voices
And sing for Life

People Get Ready

Listen here

People get ready, there’s a change a-coming
Don’t need to doubt it, you just get on board

The Children Have Spoken

Listen here

The [children] have spoken
The earth won’t be broken
Oh rise up
Oh le oh le oh le oh mama

Nobody Gonna Turn Me Around

Listen here

Ain’t gonna let [nobody] turn me around, turn me around, turn me around
Aint’t gonna let [nobody] turn me around
I’m gonna keep on walking, keep on talking
Marching for this blessed land
[injustice/denial/insanity/delusion/this system/this government/complacency]

We Are Together

Listen here

Thina simunye
Singa bomdeni

We are together
We are family

People Gonna Rise Like Water

Listen here

People gonna rise like water
Shut this system down (or: turn this system round)
In the voice of my great granddaughter
Climate justice now




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